Description of the painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio "The Boy Bitten by a Lizard"

Description of the painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

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We see a boy whose lizard bit on his finger. He jumps from unexpected pain. The reptile hid in fruit. The artist places a wonderful still life between us and the teenager.

Our attention is drawn to a vase in which there is a delicate branch of jasmine. Near the vase you can see red and green cherries. In a vessel, the contour of which is bent, a room is bizarrely reflected.

Before us is the most impressive genre still life. The artist was able to really realistic depict the instant reaction of the boy to the bite. It is likely that this is an allegory. Caravaggio portrays the pain of the soul inflicted on him by unrequited love.

The artist uses all sorts of tricks. The light is contrasted. One shoulder, as if illuminated by the bright light of a searchlight, while the other is hidden.

We can feel the maximum naturalism of the scene that the artist portrays. The viewer can feel pain on the twisted face of the hero of his canvas. Well-groomed skin contrasts sharply with the dirt under the nails, which is typical for street boys.

Caravaggio likes his own craftsmanship. It easily conveys all the details: the reflection of a door in a vase. But this stopped moment can be interpreted in different ways. Some researchers believe that this picture represents the pain that a strong feeling can cause. There are those who believe that we have before us an unusual metaphor for the fact that youth passes quickly. It is likely that the painter wanted to portray suffering from love, which remained unrequited.

Given that Caravaggio portrays a boy with a rose behind his ear, it is likely that such an interpretation is correct. As you know, this flower symbolized Venus. Cherry was a symbol of reward for all virtues. This work can be interpreted in different ways.

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