Description of the painting by Henryk Semiradsky “Dance among the swords”

Description of the painting by Henryk Semiradsky “Dance among the swords”

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“Dance among the swords” is a painting by the Russian artist Semiradsky, which is surprising in that there is nothing in it of the chanting of the native land that is familiar to Russian artists. It was usually considered good manners to praise people, or delicate white birches, or at least historical moments.

Paintings similar to that of Semiradsky were considered contemporaries-Wanderers "thistle to be weathered."

The painting depicts Ancient Rome and the amusements of the nobility. In the arbor, in the shade, men are sitting. They are dressed in snow-white togas, they have floral wreaths on their heads, some dishes on the table, and the arbor itself is plaited with flowers and greenery. Men look attentive and happy with their fate. Apparently, they are patricians, who can imagine themselves relaxing in the shade, and dancers, and musicians. Rest which can be idle and relaxed.

In front of them, among the swords stuck up in the ground, a naked girl dances. Bracelets glisten on her wrists, earrings in her ears. She bends, her back is tense, and she all looks stretched, like a trembling string. She is accompanied by three girls. One plays the flute, the second on the drum, the third on the lyre.

But the most interesting thing in the picture is not people, but the landscape that surrounds them. Behind the garden fence you can see gentle mountains and the blue sparkle of the sea. The golden gentle sun shines from the sky, which plays with glare on their faces, dresses the dancing girl in the best of clothes. It is light, and even just looking at the picture, you can imagine how warm its touch, and how mobile its rays. In the warmth and bliss of a summer morning, the dancing girl seems to be a nymph, and the musicians - her sisters, stolen from the forest and brought to a luxurious house, entertain the rich.

“Even if there were no people in the picture, it would be a masterpiece,” wrote one of the critics. And this is true. A landscape painted with love and attention would be beautiful in itself.

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