Description of the painting by Anton Losenko “Farewell to Hector with Andromache”

Description of the painting by Anton Losenko “Farewell to Hector with Andromache”

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The painting "Hector's Farewell to Andromache" belongs to the pen of the Russian artist Anton Pavlovich Losenko, who is considered the ideological inspirer and founder of such a direction in the art of the XVIII century as historical painting. This work was written in 1773.

Although the author relies on the classic Homeric plot, he does not exactly follow it. In his work, Losenko did not seek to reproduce the attributes of that distant time, therefore, he practically did not care about the historical authenticity of what is depicted in the picture. The main idea of ​​the canvas lies in patriotism and selfless service to the Motherland, which is expressed by the main characters of the picture - Hector and Andromache.

The scene of the painting is the city from which the Trojan hero Hector sets off for battle. The urban landscape that serves as the backdrop frames the stage shown in the picture as a theatrical backstage. The central characters of the picture are Hector and his wife Andromache pushed a little forward. Left and right are warriors and pages, who, like in a theater, are a crowd of extras who do not have individuality, standing behind the main characters.

Hector's pose is full of tragic heroism - he stands in a spectacular red cloak, raising his hand, and turning pompously to the sky, says goodbye to his wife and all fellow citizens. Andromache is also captured by the husband’s patriotic fervor - like a true hero’s wife, she does not shed bitter tears, but inspires him to exploit. At the same time, we do not see any personal experiences of the heroes who completely surrendered to the all-consuming feeling of patriotism.

The picture uses strict tones - no splendor and richness of clothes, lush greenery, intricately painted household items. Nothing distracts the viewer from the main idea - the hero’s self-sacrifice in the name of the Motherland.

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