Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “After the Rain”

Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “After the Rain”

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Kuindzhi is a Russian master of landscape, the nature in the paintings of which appears to be practically animate, living creature existing in parallel with man.

“After the rain” depicts a farm somewhere in the south of Russia - nowhere else are there such saturated colors, the electric tension of the air, from which the hair on the back of the neck stands on end, where the most sensitive place is.

Dark heavy clouds hang over the world. They were written with expression, like a seething cauldron of a wide variety of mixed colors. Of these, rain had just poured, sharp blades of lightning sparkled, heavy thunder rumbled from their collisions. But now, the thunderstorm ended, and a cloud of light is emerging in the clouds - a barely noticeable blue, which is more likely even a hunch of a clear sky than it is. This gap is enough for the sun to cast shining rays. They highlight, like a divine radiance, a patch of grass that appears to be an earthly vision of paradise.

The farm itself is flooded with the same light. Low houses are molded to a friend, as if frightened by a thunderstorm, the road runs to a narrow, crowded river. A lone horse grazes nearby, and there are no people in the picture, only a full-blooded, damp sensation from a past thunderstorm, the jubilation of nature that has survived purification.

The Slavs believed that when thunder rumbles, the earth is married to heaven. The Scandinavians believed that it was the god Thor, the red bearded man, riding his chariot across the sky and throwing a hammer into the creatures of darkness, who want to take over the world. For all religions - pagan, tied to changes in nature - a thunderstorm was a kind of supreme act of purification and love, and this is easy to understand.

After rain, nature breathes freshness. It seems that the sun shines brighter and breathes in full breasts so well that the air seems like heady wine.

"After a thunderstorm" perfectly conveys this feeling. To look at it is to relive all the thunderstorms of your life.

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