Description of the painting by Mitrofan Grekov “Tachanka”

Description of the painting by Mitrofan Grekov “Tachanka”

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Mitrofan Grekov, famous for his work “Tachanka”, was a volunteer of the Red Army in the ranks of the cavalry corps of Budyonny. The genre of his paintings is characteristic of wartime. Many of his works became images on stamps of the Soviet era. However, despite the devotion to the revolution and the glorification of the power of the Bolsheviks in his paintings, Grekov was repeatedly criticized.

Tachanka - a mobile complex, considered the best during the Civil War, instilled fear in its enemies. Its structure is simple - four or three horses harnessed to an ordinary peasant car. A machine gun was mounted on board, and there were from two to three people in the carriage.

Grekov’s “cart” is in the middle of a field dotted with corpses. Here and there shrapnel is bursting. In the background, a receding horseman is visible. The tachanka itself is in a deplorable state. Her horses are scattered in different directions, and a man is scared looking in the other direction. Based on this, we can understand that the detachment is retreating. Or more than that, he runs away.

It seems that one wheel of the cart has broken, and now it is about to fall to the ground. The second crew member fell aboard, and holds his hand in the chest area. From here, in itself, the thought finds that he is wounded. In other words, what recently terrified foot soldiers and cavalry is now in a deplorable state.

It should be noted that horses harnessed to the cart have a different color. Two red, black and white horses seem to symbolize something. Just what exactly is known to one author.

The situation, and so seemingly tense, takes on a very serious look when you notice that the horses are about to literally break the reins. The only deadpan element is the field. Tranquil and motionless.

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