Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Mika Morozov”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Mika Morozov”

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Oil painting by the famous artist Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov cannot fail to attract attention when you pass her in the exhibition hall of the Tretyakov Gallery, where she has the honor of being exhibited.

The artist does not focus on any thing in the interior. This also applies to the chair, which seems to merge with the wall. And an incomprehensible form of a multi-colored cape on it. The same goes for the general background of the picture.

Everything merges into one continuous gamut that surrounds the main component - the child. By some miracle, the author manages a certain moment when the boy's facial expressions express a worried concern. He seemed surprised by something, or even more afraid. But at the same time he is in no hurry to remove his gaze from the object to which his attention fell.

We need a special talent to see once, to be able to display it on canvas in full. After all, it is possible that the child posed the same process of painting a picture with the same grimace. And given that the children are restless, this possibility is completely ruled out.

Particular attention is paid to the pose of the boy. It is as if he wants to jump from a chair, but at the same time he is not completely sure of the correctness of this movement. Chained and at the same time ready for action, he looks at something. At the same time, his waist is directed to the left side, which shows the direction chosen by the boy.

If the main part of the interior - the chair turned out to be vague, then the appearance of the child, with all his discreet attire, came out very brightly. Golden curls, braided in curls, parted pink lips, black eyes and a delicate blush on the cheeks - all this gives his image a special appeal. And Mika's bright white robe brings the boy closer to something cloudy, soft, that which is characteristic of small angels.

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