Description of the painting Diego Velazquez "Menin"

Description of the painting Diego Velazquez

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The painting is a famous creation of the artist Diego Velazquez. Some recognize this reproduction as “The Family of Philip IV.” At the moment, "Menin" can be seen in the Prado Museum, which is located in Madrid.

The painting depicts an atelier belonging to Velazquez. It was located in the king’s palace in Madrid. The author is writing a portrait of Philip IV with his wife Marianne, who can be seen in the mirror on one of the walls of the studio.

In the central part of the picture is placed an infant of five years, whose name is Margarita. It seems that she just recently came accompanied by her retinue. The light, along with the look of her parents, is directed at the child.

Velazquez tried to recreate a happy family that has enough money to comfortably spend its future. It should be noted that this picture is one of a kind, in which the king and queen are depicted together, but not very clearly. Everyone knows that Philip IV is an uncle for his wife and that he is 30 years older than his wife. When the picture was painted, Margarita was the only child of a married couple.

A feature of the infant is her ability at such a young age to control herself and to realize her own greatness. Her gaze is directed exclusively at her parents. With this, she wants to show that she can stand still and keep herself in the proper manner. Margarita is aware of the restraint of the king with the queen, so the girl seeks to please them in any way with the help of her behavior.

The court ladies that surround Margarita are members of the most famous aristocratic families of the time. Young ladies are imbued with court etiquette. To give rigor to the picture, the author depicted a court servant on the left side of the picture.

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