Description of the painting by Edward Munch, “Assassin in the alley”

Description of the painting by Edward Munch, “Assassin in the alley”

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Oil painting on canvas in 1919.

It refers to the late work of the artist. Written in the style of expressionism.

Edward Munch is a Norwegian artist. He created painting for theaters, owned graphics. He graduated from the royal school of drawing. Working in France, Munch was heavily influenced by the work of Gauguin, Van Gogh, which can be seen in some similarities in his canvases with paintings by these artists. The creations of the great impressionists left an indelible mark on his soul, but nevertheless, Munch created his own style - expressionism.

In his creations, he portrayed various human fears and emotions. Many paintings are written on the theme of the eternal relationship between a man and a woman. He reflects in his works and love, hatred, life and death, death and salvation.

It is difficult to explain why the artist chose this theme to create the canvas “Killer in the Lane”. But still, she cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The canvas depicts a running killer who committed his crime. His face is depicted in simple graphic techniques, but even at these points, instead of the eyes, you can understand the emotions of the killer. In the background, Munk painted a city, as if showing that the killer had specifically committed evil far from human eyes. The picture is painted like a schoolboy who decided to joke about a teacher: the lines and landscapes are depicted very simply.

The killer is trying to quickly escape from the crime scene, his facial expressions scare. By smears near the left eye, lips and eyebrows, we can conclude that his victim resisted. In the central part is the body. The artist drew it not clearly. To judge that this is precisely the victim we can according to the contour of the body. It remains a mystery why the killer dealt with her and for what, such a plot was important for Munch. What prompted him to write this painting ...

There are poets who wrote poems on the subject of this painting by Munch.

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