Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Portrait of V.V. Stasov"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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Communicating in high art circles, Repin met a famous art critic, art critic Stasov, who over time became a good friend to him. They often travel together.

Once, together with Stasov, Repin arrives in Dresden, where they stay at a local hotel. Here, in the issue, the artist writes the masterpiece "Portrait of V. Stasov."

Repin had long offered his friend to paint his portrait, but there was no time in constant trips. And now, now, time has come. This was due to the fact that due to some holiday the gallery was closed, and friends could not leave without visiting the exhibition.

The artist deeply respected his friend Stasov. He called him “a noble knight” in his memoirs, said that his high ideological level did not allow him to create art for art. Stasov was respected and even feared by critics of lower levels. His frankness, directness, integrity are expressed in the portrait with all the power of artistic skill.

However, it was not only the severity and power of character that the great artist managed to write on canvas. In each of his sitters Repin saw primarily a living human soul. She is in the foreground expressed in the portrait of V. Stasov.

Repin wrote with inspiration two days in a row, Stasov patiently posed. An amazing incident is associated with the portrait, which Repin himself often recalled. After the painting was painted, Repin put it on the chair in which his sitter used to sit. A servant came in and respectfully greeted Repin, and then with a portrait.

The artist sincerely laughed, but realized the completeness of his work and no longer did a single stroke of it. All this indicates how skillfully Repin wielded with an art brush. Stasov lived in his picture, because the artist conveyed not only the appearance, but also the soul.

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