Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Landscape with a ship”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Landscape with a ship”

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Nature is beautiful, full of secrets, mysteries and beauty, which many in the bustle of days simply do not pay attention to, and landscape painters, romantics of fields and forests, rivers and seas see it best. They know how to notice that special light that an ordinary person does not even notice, they can see how beautiful the summer night is, and not only see, but also transfer it to the canvas.

For each landscape painter, nature preserves something of his own, and, stretching his brush to the paint, he puts his eyes into the picture. Not just the world around us - but the world as the artist sees it. Looking at Levitan’s paintings in this sense is very pleasant. His gaze is full of love for the world, attention to details, kindness and tenderness. The most ordinary things in his landscapes seem even more beautiful than they really are. Full of meaning.

So the “landscape with a steamboat” could not attract the viewer's eyes if it were in real life. If you had to go past him with a bag over your shoulders, feeling the warm dust under your feet and lead fatigue throughout your body. In the museum, he allows you to examine yourself in all its glory, to look at the huts located near the river, at the river itself, smooth, glossy and unhurried.

To the steamer, which floats majestically and slowly, reflected in the water and attracting the eye. To a low, full of clouds, sky. The landscape is beautiful because it is static, because it is permeated by the artist’s love for the homeland, for its nature, for how this nature is combined with man and his hands. The huts in the picture seem to be part of the landscape. The steamboat fits organically into it.

Everything looks natural and whole, as it should be. And even if the portly peasant woman comes out of the hut and goes to wash clothes on the river, this naturalness will not collapse, it will not be strained. Everything combines too well and is very beautiful in its unity.

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