Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “In the Greenhouse”

Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “In the Greenhouse”

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Manet, as a true impressionist, tried to fix the event, as if on the fly. Here, on this canvas, we come across a conversation between two people - a young girl and a man, slightly in his years.

The conversation seems to be not easy. You are convinced of this when you peer into the girl's face. It is arrogant and capricious, she apparently made some decision, which is clearly not to the man’s inside. Most likely, there was love between them. She was fleeting, swift and burned all her strength. But over time, probably short enough, the girl lost interest in an elegant man.

Maybe even, most likely, she just wanted more, and the man was not ready to spend money. This led to the decision of the girl to leave. The fact that the girl loves chic but not catchy dressing says her outfit. And the fact that the man is slightly pinched, but at the same time takes care of himself - also says his clothes.

The conversation between them was clearly at an impasse, and there was simply no word to say anything. Parting is inevitable.

The canvas is simply unusually informative. Not only that, you need to know Mane to understand why he put these two in a greenhouse. It's simple: Manet loved to portray flowers. He generally believed that of all that the Creator created, flowers are the best decoration of human life on sinful earth.

And the artist on almost all of his canvases, as well as in sketches, sketched or depicted flowers. Yes, with such care that sometimes I could not believe that it was just a drawing. So on this canvas this couple is surrounded by a beautiful view of greenhouse flowers. Ferns and palm trees beautifully shape the background of a joyless conversation. At least something in this canvas pleases.

Manet invites us to reflect on the plot and even dream up what they say and what they think. The details are spelled out so vividly and clearly that you are amazed.

Nikolay Ge

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