Description of the painting Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Early snow”

Description of the painting Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Early snow”

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A very beautiful canvas, with the most accurately disclosed theme. After all, it would seem that only yesterday the leaves on the trees got rich, only yesterday the rain poured from a bucket and the wind was noisy. But in the morning it snowed, the first early autumn snow. And he tried to wash away all the beauty of the golden autumn, wipe it off the face of the earth, and become the sovereign master of the situation. But autumn just doesn’t give up, and therefore a lot remains in reminder of it.

Oak with golden foliage, trees, even the grass did not burn out and did not disappear, but rather a little nailed with snow. A little more, and the snow will melt, it is therefore called early that it does not last long and as a rule a warm Indian summer begins after it. But the trees at the same time try to get rid of their foliage as soon as possible. This is the guarantee of the future tree and the absence of leaves - these are trees, only for joy. The canvas breathes nature, the canvas pulls into thought, the canvas makes you a little sad. But just a little, because winter is coming, which means that there will be no less fun days.

The nature in this picture is simply breathing in some unknown powerful natural spirit. It's not winter yet, but not fall anymore - the magical time of the golden mean. People do not always calmly endure such a balance and therefore try to be home on such days. Under the oak, the wind had already "laughed" and threw up leaves from the tree. On white, the fiery red foliage of the oak looks beautiful. The grass continually peeks out from under the snow. Shrubs and ate drowned in the snow, but this does not mean that they fell into hibernation.

Autumn didn’t leave forever; more than once it will remind of itself either by rain or by the cold wind. And even the morning blue does not give gloom to the canvas, but rather a little mystifies. And the sun, slightly cooled to the ground, tiredly illuminates the garden. Still, there is no wonder and wonderful inter-time ... How many emotions, how many hopes this state of nature gives us hope.

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