Description of Vincent van Gogh's “Pink Roses”

Description of Vincent van Gogh's “Pink Roses”

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Amazing canvases were painted by van Gogh, but nobody bought his work. At least, while he was alive, no one was interested in his canvases. It was a pity to him, and to his friends, that nobody bought such colorful canvases. But they were really colorful. No one can still understand how he could achieve such colors.

Surprisingly bright, catchy landscapes, still lifes, portraits and even self-portraits did not interest anyone. Only after death, after a dozen years, fame came to him and the canvases began to be bought up like nuts on the market. And at auctions, his paintings are already sold for many tens of millions of dollars. Did van Gogh think of such a success? No, it seems. Well maybe dreaming. Thanks should be given to those who did not allow these canvases to disappear into oblivion, after the departure of a genius.

This canvas is one of the most striking. On a green background, among the dark green leaves, buds of plain pink roses flaunt. And pink in them is not so much, just a few strokes. Not all buds are disclosed, not only are there buds that are already stuck, but this does not make the canvas not beautiful. Surprisingly there is nothing like this fictional fanciful - just a bouquet that stands in a flowerpot. The bright saturated green background does not drown the roses in any way; on the contrary, it somehow even pushes it forward so that we can admire them freely.

Many are always tormented by only one question: how could such paintings be overlooked? In principle, this question has an answer. His reputation, or rather his illness, is to blame. He was a little crazy. That's why bright colors, a bit strange landscapes. That was what prevented us, they were afraid to take the canvases of a person into the house who did not have everything in order with his head. But now it does not bother anyone. By the way, experts appreciated this canvas quite expensively and therefore not everyone can afford it.

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