Description of the painting Nikolai Pimonenko “Matchmakers”

Description of the painting Nikolai Pimonenko “Matchmakers”

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The Ukrainian painter, very enthusiastically depicted exactly Ukrainian culture, its customs, traditions and way of life, thus, before our eyes appears his next picture, called "Matchmakers". It must be said that on the part of ethnographic accuracy, the Ukrainian rite depicted in the picture was performed in the best possible way.

In this picture, the viewer can see a fairly common thing, and even a somewhat traditional action, which is called matchmaking. We see the matchmakers sitting, they are tied with special towels and talking with a woman. A woman is the mother of a girl who sits at a distance, as was the case from time immemorial. In an amazing way, the national clothes in which the heroes of the picture are dressed are accurately traced.

In the same way, a rather accurate depiction of the typical housing of that time is striking, it is worth noting that, despite the apparent emptiness in the room, this is not an invention of the author, in those days, all that should be in the kitchen is a table, stove and benches. It is no coincidence that the author perfectly draws the icons that are on top of the dining table, in the past he had extensive experience in icon painting and woodcarving, so the icons are made very high quality and reliably.

The master very reliably conveys all the colors, which makes the canvas more realistic and true from the point of view of the plot. It is also worth noting the amazing play of light that enters the room through two windows and illuminates everything, so the master actually plays with shadow and highlights on some surfaces and people. The accuracy of drawing individual ethnic details allows you to not only see the icons, but even see patterns on clothes and towels that hang on top of the icons.

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