Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasiliev "Northern Eagle"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasiliev

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The history of the creation of the picture is very interesting, its name speaks of the bird that it once saw, but expressed all its strength of sight, image of the conqueror and owner of the taiga in the following way.

This courageous man personifies the primitive essence, courage, forest element, unwavering will. The canvas is very bright and shines in its tone, striking at the same time with the uniqueness of the play of light, which the artist masterfully copes with, and at that time with the uniquely beautiful patterns of the surrounding branches, hoarfrost and tree trunks. The idea of ​​the master is so high that she easily managed to exceed the wildest expectations.

Looking at this picture, the first words that arise at the sight of this man are that he has a lot to say, and only thanks to this it becomes completely clear what he is really silent about. The look of this man is completely filled with unprecedented dignity. This view conveys the inner state of a person, for this the master does not distort the person’s face with any facial expressions, but despite the fact that outwardly all the characters are pretty much the same, they cause a maximum of emotions in the audience.

It is necessary to add that this picture is one of the turning points for the master, since he finally finds his own style and then works on the thumb, practicing it with each subsequent canvas. Vasiliev brings an unprecedented novelty to the world of art, and his portraits tell their viewer only views that describe the whole story.

Thus, the picture becomes the hallmark of the master. Particular attention is paid to the external atmosphere and the separate surroundings that surround the Northern Eagle, the snow that lies on the spruce and around is very realistic, the unique play of shadow and light and glare that fall on it, all this makes the picture unique and bright.

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