Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Still Life with a Jug”

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Still Life with a Jug”

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The artist Serebryakova, as can be seen from her painting, learns all the nuances of artistic opportunity, translating it into the subject plane, directly from the traditional chamber vision.

Thus, at first glance, in an ordinary composition of still life, the artist manages to convey a very complex poetic background, which she originally conceived. Thanks to this, she manages to express on the canvas several such moments that she cannot express in the epistolary or verbal style.

The painting "Still Life with a Pitcher", as if saying that the whole world is rather harsh, but, despite this, in this harsh reality, there is a place for beauty and, if desired, you can see a large number of positive moments. Despite all the tension of the still life, and even a certain amount of asceticism, of the entire pictorial image of the canvas, in the entire construction of the composition, obviously, there are notes of harmonious coordination of all objects in the picture.

This includes not only the texture itself, all sizes and volumes of objects that appear before the viewer, but also the shape of the objective world, which in itself can be compared with the defining and characteristic features of actual heroes, thanks to which it becomes possible to reveal the properties of inanimate matter in space.

In simple terms, every person looking at the canvas should feel the weight of the object, its severity or lightness, roughness, or vice versa, smoothness, in general, all the properties that an object can possess, depending on its structure.

Due to the fact that all these objects have a certain place in the space of the picture, you can feel some completeness of the picture and its significance.

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