Description of the painting by Vladimir Stozharov “Flax”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Stozharov “Flax”

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The artist, like no other, was in love with antiquity. From an early age he traveled to the Russian northern cities. In general, the North of Russia, especially the Siberian open spaces, were Stozharov’s favorite places. He learned a lot from the Russian common people, and as a thank you he basically painted pictures about rural life, about provincial life. Most often these were genre landscapes, but sometimes the artist indulged himself in still lifes. And before us is one of his works - a still-life “Flax”.

Moreover, this work was perhaps the first that went somewhat against the policies of some artists of pseudo rural life, who showed the village pompously with broad patriotism. But Stozharov did and then continued to do all this at times more modest and much warmer, much closer ... How simple it is in this canvas: a rough wooden table on which lies an embroidered towel and linen on it.

Spindles are hanging on a wooden wall with large ancient cracks, an old brother is standing on a table, tuesok, spinning wheel. All this is Russian, all this is national, native. But there is an amazing detail in this canvas - butterflies, without them he would be lifeless. And so it’s not just decoration, namely life, which is next to everyday objects. And it turned out not a dead still life, but some kind of lively and warm one who wants to admire.

Stozharov always managed to convey life, the current life of the Russian hinterland. And he did it without any pathetic lift, this is not his style. That is why they were amazed at his exhibitions of naturalness, just for a long time people did not see the real village on the canvases.

Of course, not everyone liked it, but they understood that you could not fight true art.

The artist, alas, lived a little, only some forty-seven years, but he left a good, good memory of himself, as a true Russian painter of modern Russia.

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