Description of the painting Sandro Botticelli "The Mystical Christmas" (2 option)

Description of the painting Sandro Botticelli

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This work of art is the most important work of the author, performed in the last period of Botticelli.

The painting “Mystical Christmas” is surrounded by several secrets, one of which lies in the dating and signature of the painting by the author himself, because this is the only painting signed by himself. At the same time, the picture depicts a rather strange Christmas, which only a true genius with extraordinary imagination could imagine. In the center of the composition is visible a cave, the entrance to which is in the form of an arch.

Directly near the entrance, Joseph and Mary with the Baby, under a thatched roof. A cradle is visible, but there are no magi that should normally be present. Everywhere you can see the images of angels, both in heaven and on earth, and some other people who are most likely made for a greater workload of the picture.

As is known from reliable sources, this picture was started at the moment when Savonarola turned to all the inhabitants of Florence so that they would repent of their sins and the angels should then save the sinners. But, no matter how it is for certain it is not known what exactly served to the image of just such a motive.

If you pay attention to the angels in the picture, then there are exactly twelve of them (meaning those that form a circle), they symbolize 12 months and a 12-hour day. Those angels who are on the earth, in red, white and green clothes, those who have already arrived on the earth, for the salvation of sinners.

Maria carefully looks at the baby, and not only is she the main figure, but her head is in the very center of the canvas. Angels above her, under a golden vault, hold olive branches in their hands, which symbolize the world. Angels who are on earth hug with people and rejoice.

The main idea of ​​the canvas is the onset of peace and tranquility, after the troubles that have occurred.

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