Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "From calm to the hurricane"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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If Shishkin in Russian painting is recognized as the greatest master of landscapes of the Russian hinterland. So Aivazovsky is known to us, first of all, for his seascapes. This trend in painting is called moralism.

Aivazovsky all his life, mostly depicted on his canvases exclusively the sea or the ocean. On his canvases the water surface was sometimes stormy, then delightfully calm. On the canvases were sea landscapes, namely, views of the cities from the sea. But on this canvas, the artist tried to convey that changeable state of the sea, which is barely noticeable to humans and therefore, it seems that the elements came suddenly.

Although in fact, knowledgeable people almost immediately predict what will happen. See how the canvas’s plot is dynamically built: from left to right - the sea calm and the sky is not even overcast, but closer to the canvas’s equator everything is changing. Severe thunderous powerful clouds have already appeared, and at the bottom the waves are gradually gaining their strength, they are not so terrible to the ships. But what is shown below is precisely the true power of water. Here already in the sky are not just clouds, but powerful thunderclouds, in which everything was mixed - and thunder, and lightning, and heavy rain. But this is the upper force, and water below has gained momentum.

The waves have become more powerful, the height of the waves has become much higher and look much worse ... Such waves can easily destroy ships. The most interesting thing is that hurricanes, as a rule, do not last long - a maximum of several hours, the most record - a day. But when all this passes, the sea or ocean suddenly becomes calm, quiet and harmless. About the terrible phenomenon, only unpleasant memories remain.

Aivazovsky left us a large number of paintings that are now stored in Yevpatoriya. And all the canvases, one way or another, are connected with the sea, because the author was madly in love with this element and it seems that the only one who has learned to transmit the life of water on a practically real basis.

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