Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Oak”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Oak”

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The landscape executed by Levitan under the name "Oak" is very close in its compositional construction to the same painting with the same name Savrasova. The painting is very rich in a variety of colors, which can also be compared with the works of Polenov.

He wrote a very powerful and large oak tree growing on the edge of the forest, whose overflow of light crawls along its leaves, illuminating them with colors and shimmering in heated air. Thus, Levitan was able to perfectly convey the gentleest tone of the still young grass at the very base of the oak, together with golden yellow and sometimes orange, which comes from the resinous pines that stand around the oak, and the inimitable play of shadows on the branches and trunks of trees.

When a viewer sees a given work of art for the first time, he immediately understands the essence of art and its amazing depth of possibility. It is no secret that Levitan most preferred autumn landscapes, much less often you can see paintings dedicated to the springtime of the year, and it’s quite rare to meet landscapes taken by surprise at the height of summer.

Naturally, the main character of the landscape is an oak tree, which stands on the edge of the forest surrounded by conifers. The oak tree spread its branches widely, and its bark just shimmers and gilds in the sunlight due to its dense and lush crown; only in some places can sunlight penetrate dark green foliage. Because of this, a semblance of a golden halo is seen underneath. And this dry branch gives this picture and oak in particular even more realism.

With its natural beauty, the oak overshadows all other trees, even if it would not have been brought to the fore. Oak trees are also given such small pines and a flower, which is located at the very foot of the oak. Oak is always associated with power, stamina and strength.

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