Description of Isaac Levitan’s Picture “Fresh Volga Wind”

Description of Isaac Levitan’s Picture “Fresh Volga Wind”

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Isaac Levitan painted his picture entitled “Fresh Wind. Volga "in 1895. The canvas was written for a very long time, and was completed only when all the hard work and searches yielded results. And the result was worth it, because the work was very deep and expressive. This picture is one of the few of his paintings that were extremely optimistic, which cannot but please the viewer familiar with his work to this day. The picture is very rich in content, has some expressive tones and even elegance. The artist provides the viewer's eye with the image of a full-flowing river in Russia, on which life does not die out, boats move with fast jerks, steamboats slowly and majestically sail. You can even feel how heavy the tugboat steamship is, which is forced to tow two sloppy barges.

The weather, meanwhile, remains good, which can be seen from the accelerated clouds that glide across the sky, while the sails of the barge, meanwhile, are filled with wind more and more, accelerating its course. A painted boat is sailing nearby, which adds elegance to the whole picture. A white steamer moves towards the viewer, behind which you can also see smoke from some other ship. Meanwhile, the wind intensifies and this is evidenced by the white foam that forms on the surface of the water.

The color scheme is quite contrasting and executed in cold colors, mostly blue water perfectly shimmers with the green color of the shores. The sky is also filled with the blue color of all shades, and thanks to the clouds, there is a feeling of large space and monumentality of the whole picture.

It is also worth adding that this work was the first landscape that the artist performed not in a state of rest, but in motion.

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