Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “The collapse of the bank”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “The collapse of the bank”

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Makovsky painted pictures on various topics. They could be full of humor, irony or contempt. He is known as the creator of countless paintings, truthfully showing all sorts of levels of Russian society of his time. Merchants, officials, nobles, artisans, peasants, beggars, tramps - all could become the heroes of his paintings.

Eighties - the heyday of the artist. He wrote many excellent works, among them the work “Bank Crash”, written in 1881. It tells the tragic ruin of the Loan Bank in Moscow. Makovsky showed an episode when investors ran to the bank, hoping to save at least a fraction of their money. They still cannot believe in the likelihood of such a daring robbery. The room is dominated by cold light.

In the picture, the turmoil happening at that moment is felt. Each person is unique. In the pose and gestures of a person, one can assume the character that the artist intended. He masterfully conveys a variety of reactions to the same event: despair, grief, anger. Someone is standing with a dull face, another is trying to figure out what to do or is loudly outraged by what happened. On the left is a grandmother, who became ill from this news. After all, perhaps her last money was gone.

The painter pays great attention to the coloring of the paintings. Cold colors prevail on the canvas: gray, black and blue. The colors are soft and do not differ in brightness. With the help of this, expressive faces, poses, gestures are demonstrated. Thus, showing the stereotyped behavior of bourgeois society.

The originality of the plot attracts viewers. Looking at the picture, you feel compassion. After all, the picture tells about the difficult fate of ordinary people. Most likely, the plot was conceived with the aim of not only showing the past, but also reflecting on the future, since the event is relevant in the present.

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