Description of the painting by Yuri Raksha "Continuation"

Description of the painting by Yuri Raksha

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"Continuation" is not only the name of one of the paintings by Yuri Mikhailovich Raksha. Through the whole work of this artist, the theme of continuation runs through the red thread.

Like many other paintings by Raksha, "Continuation" is not distinguished by the complexity of the composition. A young woman and a young girl are standing in profile to the viewer and facing each other. The faces clearly show similarities, incl. there is no doubt that this is a mother and daughter.

The girl’s head was slightly lowered, she was clearly upset with something, and her mother reassuringly put her hand on her shoulder. In the eyes of a woman, sadness is also read. What was she thinking about? That there will still be many sorrows on the life path of the daughter, or about something of her own? It does not matter. It is important that life does not end and that there is a continuation, there is a continuity of generations.

The background, on which the figures of the heroines are depicted, underlines this idea. The artist himself called such backgrounds in his works "the theme of the motherland." Autumn landscape emphasizes the sadness of mother and daughter, but after all, autumn is only part of the life cycle ... At the same time, bright autumn colors provide an occasion for optimism and somewhat soften the minor mood of the picture.

In general, Yuri Raksha paid special attention to the backgrounds. In his opinion, the entire space of the picture had to be filled and each, even the smallest element, had to carry its own specific meaning.

In Soviet times, and the picture was painted in the midst of the era of socialist stagnation - in 1979, faith in God was not welcomed, and it is not known for certain how the artist viewed religion. He himself often said that the continuation of his soul is his paintings. But, either intentionally or intuitively, he placed in the upper right corner a distant silhouette of an Orthodox church. And this symbol of Russia gives the canvas a special spirituality and deep philosophical meaning. After all, nothing ends, everything has its continuation.

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