Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov

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Artist Vasnetsov created his first Self-Portrait in 1873. The brush master approached any portrait image very seriously, he was sure that it wasn’t worth inventing anything in the portrait, you just need to see the person completely. So he created a self-portrait in his vision of himself.

The canvas was painted when the author was twenty-five years old. From the reproduction, a slightly sad young man with a neatly trimmed beard looks at us with a stern look. Dark brown hair is well framed by a bony, slightly thin look. Tense zygomatic nodules emphasize the pallor of sunken cheeks. But you need to pay attention that this is not a sign of some kind of weakness or fatigue, because a strong young man is looking at us from the canvas. There is something thoughtful in the portrait that emphasizes the depth of the artist’s inner world.

The master and his vocation as an artist very well emphasized. This is evident in the clothes in which he is dressed. The artist’s brown cloak highlights the figure against the dark background of the canvas, and a knitted bow peeking out from under the snow-white collar of the shirt gives creativity to the costume. This neatness indicates the accuracy of the artist.

I must say that the image of the master, looking at us through the years, is inherent in both a certain self-sufficiency and restraint. From his confident look, it is clear that this man is a noble and wise master of painting. Good gray-blue eyes and a light blond beard complete the bright appearance of the great artist.

It seems that the soul of this person is like a songbird, which was locked in a cage and covered with some kind of cloth. We cannot see her, we cannot hear her amazing voice, but we are greatly amazed at the indescribable natural beauty that is hidden behind an invisible cloak.

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