Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Arrival of a governess in a merchant’s house”

Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Arrival of a governess in a merchant’s house”

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The governess came to a rich house - this is unseen! But in fact, this situation, although it was quite ordinary, was perceived all the same unusual.

Wealthy people took a woman into their home who would teach their children the necessary manners. Such rich gentlemen, as a rule, had no idea whether the earth was round and what it stood on. Not up to science. But scientists want to make their children — who would wish a different fate for their child.

They have their own concerns, they have their own affairs - the mother lives in pleasure, chases teas, gossips. Manners are not particularly trained, and why is it all to her. Father and, moreover, French manners are meaningless to learn. And although both parents do not see much importance in this lady, they want everything to be “like people”.

The reception of the governess is by no means warm. The unfortunate bow to the merchant, and he looks suspiciously at her - who she is, where she came from. He condescendingly looks down at her, immediately showing her her place in this house.

Next to his father is the son of a merchant. He is a young man, arrogantly, but with undisguised interest, is studying a new woman in their house. The merchant and their daughters hid behind the merchant. Everyone is looking at the guest with interest. The bad manners of them are visible to the naked eye: from surprise, cute young ladies even opened their mouths.

On the left side in another doorway gathered a servant of a merchant's house. Those with the same interest glance at the young lady, but there is no arrogance in their views. A lady with high manners will soon join their studies in this house and replenish their company.

Why merchant daughters French manners? But now the governess’s job is to teach them the language, high-society manners of sewing, sewing and embroidery - all the girl’s hobbies of that time. Could she imagine that having received an excellent education, would be here? Alas, it is unlikely that such a fate awaited a governess ...

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