Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Chrysanthemums"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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Grabar develops in the 20th century the quite traditional still life genre that is so popular in the 19th century. In his painting "Chrysanthemums" in a peculiar way combines several different genres.

The main thing is the point of view that the viewer adheres to at one time or another. When we look at the landscape close enough, we see only large flowers. But when you change the point of view, when we look at the still life from a distance, other interior details become visible. The familiar boundaries of the genre are masterfully blurred by an impressionistic color painting. The whole image as if consists of one substance.

The painting was painted in 1905. It is important that this magnificent creation was created in the interior of bright light. All objects are like fluffy. If we look at the relief painting from close up, it seems that it is whole incredible in beauty scattering of shadows and like fairy tale glare. If you put the picture a little away and look at it from the side, then it is immediately filled with wonderful overflows of magnificent mother of pearl.

Bright yellow chrysanthemums in the bluish light that falls on them, bizarrely change their color. It seems that the color becomes completely different, acquiring a certain greenish tint.

Grabar, with his magnificent still lifes, opened up a whole new understanding of this seemingly traditional genre. His interpretation is completely new. He not only depicts objects, but also skillfully plays with light and shadow, uses all the power of colors and light. As a result, we see not just still lifes, but something more. The boundaries of creations are miraculously pushed apart. Pictures are filled with new content and a different sound.

It is important that in all the works of Grabar of the impressionist genre, light always triumphs. He dominates everything, illuminating everything around and penetrating into details, creating completely new sensations.

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