Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Suvorov’s passage through the Alps”

Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Suvorov’s passage through the Alps”

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As a matter of fact, the very idea of ​​the picture came from the famous Russian artist V. Surikov in honor of the centenary of the great commander of the Russian Empire Suvorov crossing the Alps, who made this transition at the head of his army in 1799.

The painting itself was written entirely according to the canons of classical art of historical subjects, because in it you can easily notice something like a theatrical action, which often could be found in historical paintings of those times.

It was in the painting “Suvorov’s Crossing the Alps” that Surikov was able to show in all its glory and grandeur the courage and spirit of Russian soldiers who perform a truly great feat, crossing a dangerous path through the mountains. It should be noted that the theme of heroism is inherent in Surikov’s work, because in his paintings he very often portrayed courageous and heroic people in the name of honor and glory of his people.

Many art historians say that the dynamic and vivid character of this and many other paintings of the artist ensures his origin, because Surikov himself is a native of the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, which belongs to an old Cossack family, and therefore these features are most emphasized in his works.

The picture in the foreground depicts Suvorov himself as a true leader of his soldiers, ready to go with them into fire and water, and thus demonstrating his unity with the common people.

In addition, the picture clearly shows the underlined high psychological component of what is happening, which is primarily indicated in the various facial expressions of the soldiers, striving at all costs, but to fulfill their duty to the fatherland.

By the way, the picture itself was criticized at one time by a well-known military expert Vereshchagin for the implausibility of many details in the behavior of the soldiers and Suvorov himself, however, Surikov rejected this criticism, saying that the credibility in it was deliberately removed and heroism and the courage of the soldiers and their commander.

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