Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Forest Dali"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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Painting I.I. View of the plain opens from an elevation, so the viewer opens up wonderful distances. In the distance you can see the lake. Despite the fact that the lake is depicted in the background, it is one of the important semantic accents of the picture. The lake reflects sunlight, illuminating the picture with some unusual pacification. The viewer smells lake water, the coolness of a light wind on a hot sunny day.
The color of the sky changes from blue to pale pink near the horizon. But this is not the color of a summer sunset. This is the early morning, which descends on the untouched, pristine nature of the Ural mountains. The sun gradually rises above the horizon, but light clouds hide it. It is not so light and there are no bright sunshine, but the viewer understands that a hot day is coming under the scorching rays.

A light fog descends on the tops of the trees. Distant views of the forest are shrouded in blue haze.
The colors of greens are striking in variety. Juicy, bright grass, slightly dried out and scorched by the scorching sun, emphasizes with all its appearance that the height of summer is depicted on the canvas.
The majestic trees seem quite small. But the scale of the forest, going deep into the picture, is impressive. It seems that this forest is simply endless. Its borders go far beyond the canvas. Distant views merge with the horizon strip.

In the very background, one can’t even make out whether the forest continues there or whether it is hills covered with fresh grass. Views of beautiful nature cause peace and tranquility. The viewer will certainly want to lie on this forest lawn, look at the tops of tall trees, sit near a clean mountain lake.

It seems that there is not a soul in this forest. He is motionless and quiet. Lonely bird soars in the sky.

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