Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. The road in the village

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. The road in the village

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Today, Isaac Levitan is rightly called not just a painter, but a master of Russian landscapes. He managed to fall in love with her in all kinds of variations (both blooming and impoverished). Therefore, such a miserable, unprepossessing and sad landscape is captured on the canvas "Road in the village." The author painted the autumn landscape precisely in the period, dull and sad. At this time, everything around it grows dull; in nature, nondescript, gray and dark colors predominate. The master managed to convey this mood with such accuracy, using only shades faded and completely unprepossessing. They can simply be called dark gray.

Before us is late autumn, Cloudy weather. All leaves have fallen long ago. A dirt country road is thoroughly washed out by rains. It becomes sad and pathetic when you look at it and imagine how difficult it is even in horses to move in such mud, not to mention a man. The canvas road begins in the center, immediately in the foreground, and, wriggling a little, goes off into the distance.

Bushes of dry grass remained on the sidelines. And she looks bright enough against the backdrop of autumn dull gray.

The black strip of the road divides the lower part of the canvas almost in half. To the right of its edge is a large puddle with incredibly clear water. The artist also emphasized its mirror effect (a classic technique by many authors). Nearby are two large trees, on which there are no leaves at all, and therefore they look completely helpless. But with these vertical trunks Levitan outlined the vertical perspective of the picture.

On both sides of the road there are huts of peasants who, like nature, look wretched, nondescript and miserable. Living on the canvas, only one crow, she lurks on a thin branch.

Most of the canvas is occupied by the autumn sky, dull, dull and hopelessly gray. Bright blue is only a thin strip near the horizon. Soon it will snow and cover the tired earth: everything around will sparkle fabulously. Longing and sadness, together with an incredible love for the innermost places of the land in every stroke of this canvas.

Yuri Pimenov

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