Description of the painting Vasily Polenov "Overgrown Pond"

Description of the painting Vasily Polenov

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This painting was painted by Polenov in 1879. Here he depicted a quiet and peaceful picture of Russian nature. The canvas does not hit us with riot and a variety of colors that excite the senses. On the contrary, the picture is filled with light, peace and peace.

Before us is an ordinary pond, lost in the shadow of centuries-old trees. There are many such corners on the territory of our country. This is something close and dear to every Russian person. Therefore, the picture of Polenov attracts you, you relax with your soul near it.

The composition of the picture rests on diagonal lines. They go in different directions, outlining the boundaries of objects and creating a holistic image of the picture. The shores of the pond, the bridge, the path - all this is traced using diagonals. This technique gives the canvas volume and builds a perspective.

The picture is literally immersed in greenery. Dark green tree crowns create a dense shadow and give a feeling of coolness. The same green is reflected in the calm and still, like a mirror, surface of the pond. On the surface of the water, the leaves of water lilies and the islands of duckweed swim, so the pond looks so real, alive.

Among the green sea of ​​foliage, a bridge and a path stand out especially clearly, leading us into the depths of the forest. Looking closer, we see a bench in the shade of the trees, and on it is a small female figure. The presence of man does not violate the silent tranquility of nature. The stranger is a part of this nature, her pose is relaxed, she enjoys a summer day.

The sky is almost not shown in the picture. Only in the upper left corner of the picturesque canvas do we see a small fragment of a pale blue sky covered with clouds. But still, the picture "Overgrown Pond" is full of sunlight. We notice it on the surface of the grass, we see sun glare on the surface of the water of the pond.

Canvas Vasnetsova leaves behind a sense of peace, peace, graceful silence and summer relaxation.

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