Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Pine forest. Mast forest in Vyatka province ”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Pine forest. Mast forest in Vyatka province ”

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Picture “Pine forest. Mast forest in the Vyatka province ”is one of a series of paintings dedicated to the Russian landscape, the dense forest, the mighty and immense expanses of Russia. The forest looks slightly gloomy, but all this in order to emphasize the depth and richness of vegetation in Russian forests. Somewhere in the distance are visible the symbols of Russia - bears. This canvas reflects the forest, which is located in the Vyatka province.

The work is done on canvas, oil. Smears are confident and clear, even slight lines are visible that fill the image of the picture with life and inspiration. The picture is written in a real way, but the depicted landscape looks quite unrealistic, as if the forest lives its own independent life, as if hiding from prying eyes behind impenetrable thickets.

Shadows are very finely arranged, which gives the picture depth and naturalness. At the same time, the depicted bears remind us that this paradise is not for everyone, not everyone can come and feel the harmony of the forest.

The water in the river seems to be real, reach out and scoop a sip of another fresh, not drunk "living" water. Small pebbles and uprooted stumps, long, sprouted over the years to the river, roots, bent grass on the shore seem to be asked to get drunk from the "source of life." And huge pines with their fluffy paws seem to cling to the clouds by chance, showing how large and slender they are. They are all equal in size and in their desire to reach the sun.

Somewhere in the sky above you can see the silhouette of a flying bird, it seemed to freeze in flight, spreading its mighty wings to admire the vastness of its natural habitat. The sky is light blue, with gleams, as if evening. This combination of colors in the picture makes you feel the full power and scope of the riot of the landscape. And this is just an insignificant part of what the artist would like to show people, to devote them to the bowels of the power of nature.

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