Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The Philosopher, Illuminated by the Moon and the Defective Sun"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The painting "The Philosopher, Illuminated by the Moon and the Defective Sun" was painted in oil on canvas in 1939. The paintings of Salvador Dali 1938-1949 belong to the period of his life and work, called the "American Dream". During these years, the author was in America, along with his wife Gala, who, having divorced her previous husband in 1934, was finally able to become Dali's wife.

The period of life in America has become very productive for the artist. He showed himself in all branches of creativity, starting with paintings and ending with the release of his own newspaper. Many people would envy his productivity and perseverance at that moment of his life. Dali liked America. She satisified him with the fact that the Americans, at that time, were open to everything new, which made it possible, if not to be understood, then at least not to fall into the ranks of convicts for not fitting into the generally accepted framework. Misunderstanding angered and haunted him in Europe, so he was incredibly happy with America.

One case in America brought Dali unprecedented fame and attracted many fans to his work. The management of a department store in New York ordered Salvador window dressing. The artist, of course, did everything in the first category and in his extravagant style. As a result, in the window of the department store there was a black satin bathtub, over which the head of a buffalo with a bloodied dove in its teeth was suspended. This composition gathered a whole crowd of people who wanted to see and, that day, it was impossible to go along Fifth Avenue. The management of the department store closed the exposition, which Dali was seriously angry with. He picked up the bath and threw it out the window through which he went out and was arrested by the police.

This case attracted a lot of attention to the personality of Dali, so the exhibition in the New York gallery, which was later held by the artist, was a huge success.

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