Description of the painting by Mikhail Shibanov “The celebration of the wedding contract”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Shibanov “The celebration of the wedding contract”

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The canvas of everyday nature "The Celebration of the Wedding Contract" was written in 1777 by Mikhail Shibanov. Thematically, the picture for Russia of that century was extremely unusual. Most of the creations were then written on heroic or mythical subjects. But it was the appeal to the life of a simple person that attracted the attention of art critics and critics.

The role was also played by the motive of old Russian culture and folk tradition, history, often occurring five hundred years ago, as well as the most interesting multi-figure composition and emotions on the faces of the characters of the picture - the same ordinary people as you and me, the same art historians who lived both now and then.

The canvas depicts what the title says. This is truly a festival. Some women in richly decorated sarafans and kokoshniks, men are also dressed up. All faces shine with joy and happiness for the bridegroom and for the bride, embarrassed to the fullest. An event according to folk tradition is usually accompanied by the exchange of gifts during the time the groom arrives in the brideroom.

If he agrees to marry the girl, a wedding contract is concluded, which cannot be violated. So the embarrassment of the bride is natural: this is one of the most exciting moments in her life. Her future husband is frankly happy. He stands in a smart caftan beside her and smiles, holding his bride by the hand. These two people are given a central place in the picture, so they can definitely be called the main characters.

Obviously, Shibanov captured the moment of great fun. There are dishes on the table, one of the men is about to pour himself a drink, some curious girl peeks out from behind the curtain, and relatives on both sides rejoice and are moved, admire the bride. That is why art historians note the subtle psychologism of the work and the artist’s skill.

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