Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Flower” (“Meditative Rose”)

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Flower” (“Meditative Rose”)

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Painted in his native Spain after returning from the USA and before the gloomy “French period”, Dali’s painting “Meditative Rose” is full of bright colors and some kind of joyful attitude to life that is not characteristic of the artist as a whole. One could even say (if this applies at all to the work of Salvador Dali) - cautious optimism. The picture captures the views wherever you see it (even in the form of a copy or reproduction, because the picture itself is difficult to see, it is in a private collection). The blue shining sky, with cirrus clouds joyful, slightly illuminated by a light pink color, is uncharacteristically thorough for Dali, to the smallest details and figures of people there is a painted valley of light brown tones under this sky ...

And in the center of the picture - instead of the sun! - a huge, bright, "summer", with loose petals, a rosebud. You can’t tear yourself away from the picture, it gives joy and, at the same time, a strange alarm (which already looks more like impressions from Dali’s works). Let's try to understand its symbolism. Most critics, and even those who leave reviews in museums or comments on the sites of viewers, agree that the bud of a "meditative" rose replaces the heavenly sun, that is, the picture symbolizes the replacement of a celestial object with an earthly one, and the meaning of this work is earthly love, warming and illuminating human life on these plains.

Hence the joyful attitude towards life, corresponding, in fact, to the brightest period in the life of the artist himself: he is already famous, disagreements with the surrealists no longer excite him, moreover, Dali has just returned to his homeland from America, where, albeit not very fruitfully , collaborated with Disney and Hitchcock. But why then the underlying anxiety? Take a look at the picture with the analyst’s cold gaze: is the dazzlingly bright, red (if not bloody) pink bud located too low for the sun? Recall that by 1958 it was no longer a secret to test nuclear weapons, as well as an exclamation from one of its creators: "What an unprecedented beauty!" And in fact, does this not shine above the earth - but still just below the sun - “earth rose” - a nuclear flash? In a word, the painting “The Meditative Rose”, like all Dali’s works, gives rise to reflection, if not meditation.

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