Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "The Ninth Wave"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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This picture is filled with a storm, both in the literal sense of a weather phenomenon, and in the sense of overflowing emotions. It was written in 1850, at that time literally in a short time became a famous masterpiece.

Due to its fame, this picture fell into the palace of Tsar Nicholas I. Also, the famous collector P.M. Tretyakov did not miss the news about the success of the young marine painter Aivazovsky, became interested in his works. Thoroughly observing the processes of creating paintings, the collector passionately admired the talent of the artist, and insistently demanded that he give him one of his incomparable paintings.

What is the ninth shaft? This is the strongest of the waves, the highest point of the storm. The painting depicts a sea that has not recovered from the storm since night, but in anticipation of a new, most powerful and all-consuming. It is dark and limitless, cloudy blue and not yet calm. Waves, one by one, beat against the side of the raft, so to speak, the watercraft on which people, exhausted by a night storm, sail. Their faces are almost invisible, but their stooped figures made concessions to nature, their hearts hope that everything will pass and the Almighty will take pity and give them salvation. After all, they still do not know what awaits them next ...

Looking at the blue sky illuminated by the sun, we can assume that soon everything will calm down, the sea will calm down and the travelers will get to their home. But looking at the black color of water, we understand that salvation will not come and travelers will have to give their lives to the abyss.

Works of this nature are created at moments when a creative upsurge comes, inspiration comes. This is not the last of Aivazovsky’s works, which so violently describes the troubled state of the sea, but it was this picture that made him world famous and gave him a golden ticket to the ranks of famous artists.

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